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Vandal focus pads are engineered with a lightweight design & genuine premium leather with more than 2" of multi-layered shock absorbing foam & added wrist padding for maximum protection against repeated impact. The open finger design with rounded inside palm grip & moisture wicking inside liner ensures breathability and comfort. The curve on the focus mitts help you place the pads perfectly onto your hands giving the best grip, flexibility and no-slip training and making your training sessions more efficient without any strain on your elbow or wrist

Vandal"V-Point" Focus Mitts

  • hand-crafted 100% genuine leather focus pads, which legends have relied upon for honing championship results and extended wear.

    The vintage curved focus pads give an old school look, offering an ideal striking spot demanding fast and precise punches from the striker. The lightweight design and extra thick padding withstands powerful blows.

     The cool mesh system ensures hygiene & breathability by preventing moisture build-up. Soft padded place for hands offers further support and stability. These lightweight focus pads retain their shape for long-lasting perfection and ensure comfort for both the puncher and the holder at same time.

  • At Vandal Athletic Gear, your satisfaction in our products is

    always guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, for any reason,

    with any of the goods, you may return them to Vandal Athletic

    Gear for replacement or refund of the purchase price within the first 14 days of receiving the product. Vandal Athletic Gear will have no responsibility to any person to whom the buyer transfers the goods.

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